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I sold or traded a character and something went wrong!

Trading and selling characters is not supported and our means to assist when something goes wrong is limited. It's often a better approach to ask the alt trading communities for help and advice. You can still report instances of trading scams to us by submitting a support ticket. If we are able to verify the information, we will consider locking the affected characters until the involved players work out a solution.

We advise against trading characters, especially if real life currency is involved. Under certain conditions, the creator or long-time user of a character can request a character back. Unless you've used a character for at least 6 months as its only user, you have no claim to a character. If you still want to take the risk of trading for characters created by other players, ensure that you properly document the process. If you get accused of character theft, the server records will not be in your favor as they will show that you changed the email/account address and accessed the character. Make sure you have enough documentation should you ever get falsely accused.

While trading characters is allowed (but unsupported), trading and selling of entire Furcadia accounts violates the User Agreement, so do not do it. We will permanently lock or remove accounts that were traded or sold.

 Last updated Thu, Dec 29 2022 11:00pm

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