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How do I report a bug or technical problem with Furcadia?

To report a bug or get help with a technical problem, the best first approach is to contact a Beekin Bugge Hunter. You can do this in-game by typing 'help I need a buggehunter' in the main game window (without the quotes). A pop-up will appear asking if you want to send a message to the Furcadia Help channel - click "Yes". If any Beekin Helpers or Bugge Hunters are available, one will be alerted to your call and contact you to assist you.

If no one is available who can solve your problem, or if your problem prevents you from using in-game assistance, you can also get help by posting in the Furcadia Technical Support forums. Bugge Hunters review these forums frequently and one will respond to your post when possible. The official forum is located at

In some cases it may be necessary to file a ticket with the Support System instead of contacting a Bugge Hunter. Please file a ticket only if:

No matter what method you use to request assistance, the best way to get help fast is to be as specific and thorough as possible. Try to remember, step by step, exactly what you did to cause the problem to occur. It often helps to try and reproduce the problem if you can. Taking screenshots never hurts either - you can use the Screenshot button on the F tab, or your computer's own screenshot key.

Please include the following information, if you can:

If you encountered the problem while playing Furcadia, please also include:

This will often help to diagnose what is happening a lot faster, and assist you more quickly.

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