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My character is not in the list when I try to login.

If you have only just installed or re-installed the Furcadia client, it is possible that you have not correctly placed the character INI files in the Furcadia data folder. Each of your characters requires an INI file to be present before it will be available on the login screen.

To download your character's INI file (if you don't seem to have it), you can retrieve it here:

Please note you will need to supply the character name and password in order to re-download the INI file. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it here:

These INI files must be placed in the Furcadia Data folder, which by default is located at:

C::\Users\<Your username>\Documents\Furcadia\Furcadia Characters
(C:\Documents and Settings\<Your username>\My Documents\Furcadia\Furcadia Characters on Windows XP)

Note: This procedure will only work if the character you are trying to retrieve has not expired. Characters that do not have Digos (in-game items) or Portrait spaces will expire after some time of inactivity.

If the character files seem to be there, then something odd is happening. Try to contact a Bugge Hunter on an alternate character if you can or leave a message in the Technical Support area of our forum at

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