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Reporting bugs found in Test and SD World

This article is specifically for bug hunting and reporting in Furcadia's Test World and Second Dreaming World.

OK, so you've found a bug. There it is, all big and chitinous in front of you, ugly as sin. What do you do with it? Yes, you should report it, especially if it has not been reported yet. But before you post a message on the forum, go through these steps:

1) Find out what exactly isn't working right. Describe. Elaborate. Take a screenshot!

2) REPRODUCE! Ask yourself "Is it reproducible?" Reproducibility is THE most important aspect of any bug report. Basically, this means: Can you make it happen again? If so, good! Write down how to do it. Be as specific as you can. See if a friend can reproduce it. It's not enough that it only happens to you, someone else needs to be able to repeat it. (You can still report it, though!)

3) Isolate the variables - reproduce the bug, changing one thing at a time, to see if it stops happening. When it doesn't work, what is similar? When it does, what is different? Bonus points: Does it work the same or differently on different PCs, alts, Windows versions, dreams, and proxies? In public dreams or private ones? Is the problem in the map or the DS?

4) Create a step-by-step MINIMAL example case. This is your bug report. 2 lines of DS is better than 3000. Two packets to crash the server is better than two million. And so on. The more elegantly you can demonstrate the problem, the easier it will be for the programmers to find the line of code that caused it. Remove any extraneous stuff. Bonus points: See if it happens in a tiny default map, on the test server, no patches, with only one furre there, and no DS.

But above all, please do report the bugs you find. It really helps us!

You can use this form to fill out a bug report (post here):

Bug Title:
Character name:
Web Browser:
Furcadia test version:
Operating System:
Details of the Bug:
How can we make this bug happen again?
Expected Result:
Actual Result:

Example report!

Bug Title: Unable to Create Costume

Character name: Snuzzle Snozzle

Browser: Chrome 51.0.2704.103 m

Furcadia test version: 31.0 RC9

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium

Details of the Bug: Received an error when attempting to create a new costume for an alt character. I was trying to create a costume for my alt Mewpurrista, because directly editing the "Last Appearance" costume didn't change my wing color even after I relogged into the game.

How can we make this bug happen again?
-Go to
-Login to an existing account
-Click the icon to create a new costume

I get a new costume

I got an error message: Invalid or missing response from the server. (Appears as a Chrome dialog popup error.)

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