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I traded an item and something went wrong, help?

For accidental transfers, send a support ticket and we will sort it out. It is important to contact us immediately. If the accidental and intended character names are dissimilar, include details on how the mistransfer happened.

If you traded an item with another person and they didn't keep their end of the deal, the matter is more complicated. In general, we cannot enforce agreements between players. When you transfer an item to another player, you're gifting it to them. The server notifies you of this and asks you to confirm by repeating the trade command.

However, we do not desire to provide a safe haven for players who trick, mislead or scam other members of the community, so please contact us by sending a support ticket if you believe someone took advantage of you and as a result you're out of an item. We will investigate the matter.

 Last updated Thu, Dec 29 2022 11:00pm

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