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What is the 'Buyer Protection System'?

Currently, unauthorized payments are the #1 issue of all online shops around the world.

To protect our customers and ourselves, we have created the Buyer Protection System, which monitors each payment account in order to determine whether a payment has been made by the owner of the payment account or by someone else. If the Buyer Protection System warns that a payment may not be safe, the payment account is placed on a temporary hold, and the account will not be able to make any new orders with us before delivering a copy of a government-issued photo identification and a signed copy of the Payment Authorization Form.

If you make a lot of purchases (several hundred dollars per month) from Furcadia Digo Market, it is likely that you will be required to deliver the signed Payment Authorization Form and a copy of a document that confirms your identity. We use these documents only to confirm your identity. The documents can be sent to us via email and will not be shared with third parties or anyone who is not directly involved in the sales department.

 Last updated Sun, Dec 22 2013 12:00am

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