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Does Furcadia run on Macs or Linux?

Currently, we do not have a native Mac or Linux Client for Furcadia. However, many users have reported that the Furcadia software works well with Wine, which is a freely downloadable program that allows Windows software to run on MacOS X or Linux.

There is a known issue with using the latest Furcadia Client in Wine related to images in Furcadia Pounce windows. This is a problem in Wine, not in the Furcadia client itself. To work around this, try opening the Furcadia Configuration tool (config.exe, found in the folder where you installed Furcadia) and ticking the option "Do not show images in Whisper Windows" under the "Whisper Windows" settings.

We can't officially provide technical support to users running Furcadia under Wine on these platforms. However, there is an active player community providing support on the Furcadia forums ( We will also release a web-based client in the near future that will work on the Mac and Linux platforms without the need for additional tools.

 Last updated Sun, Dec 22 2013 12:00am

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