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What are the resources for getting technical help with Furcadia?

There's a lot of different ways to get help with Furcadia. Each works a little differently and serves a different purpose. You can either get help in-game, or externally through the Furcadia web site and forum.

In-game help is immediate, personal, and often a great way to meet new friendly people while getting questions and curiosities answered or getting help with minor problems.

You can get in-game help from anywhere in the game by typing a message into the chat with "help" as the first word. For example, if you can't see other players' custom portraits when you click on them, you can type "help I can't see other players' portraits," without the quotes, and press Enter. A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to to send a message to the Furcadia Help channel - click Yes. Any Beekin Helpers who are online will see your call and can message you to help you.

There is also a Help Center in Naia Green that you can visit. It is not always staffed, but please try your luck.

External help is slower, but more comprehensive. Complex problems often take research, while other questions are asked frequently enough that the answer is put online for anyone to find.

The first form of external help is one you've already found: the Support System help files! These help files, including the one you're reading right now, draw from the solutions found by volunteers and staff while helping furres with common problems. They will be updated as new features are added and new questions arise.

The other main resource for getting technical help are the Technical Support areas of our official Furcadia forum at Over there you will also find a large number of threads and "stickied topics" that contain solutions for common problems. You can also start a new discussion/help topic there, too.

If the technical issue you have involves information that you'd rather not post publicly, or you feel it requires you to include sensitive data, you can also submit a support ticket here on this site. This should, however, be the last option.

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