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I paid for my order and the money has already been taken from my account, but the order has not been activated yet.

Most orders are activated within five minutes from the time of payment. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to reconnect to Furcadia before the items you have purchased become available.

Payments involving bank transactions can take longer to activate. Usually payments delayed by bank transactions take from one to four business days to complete, but this is not under our control.

All Digo Market orders are activated automatically when we receive a payment notification from the payment service. Most payments are processed instantaneously, and the items are delivered within a few minutes. When a payment method involving a bank transaction, like eCheck, is used, the payment service waits until bank withdrawal goes through before notifying us of the payment.

Unfortunately, banking tradition stipulates that it must take a few business days to transfer money from Bank A to Bank B. The money will be taken from your bank account on day one, but it doesn't necessarily reach your payment service on the same day. While the money is being transferred, the payment service will still consider your payment to be pending.

Once the funds have finally reached your payment service, the payment service will send us a notification of the payment, which we will process automatically. Your items will be delivered to you a minute or two later.

The expiration date for Digo Market items is counted from the date of delivery -- the day when we have received the payment notification and/or when your items have been activated. It does not matter how long your payment takes to complete: the item will be available to you for its full, promised term.

 Last updated Thu, Dec 29 2022 11:00pm

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